I'm Nicole

I'm Nicole

I'm Nicole

I'm Nicole

Photos by JP Elario

The deets


Driving, listening to excessively loud music, reading, eating guac, eating cookies, cheese! (cheese is life!), drinking coffee-snob style coffee and having a glass of whisky with ice.


I’m usually a wear all black, head-to-toe, sort of gal and I’ve got a major love-hate relationship with houseplants. I love them, but they seem to not-so-much love me back.


I think equality matters, that BLM and that love is love. Period.

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Can wegive youa shotlist?
Do we need a 2nd photographer? – Do you help with our timeline?
How do payments work?
How many photos will we get and are they edited?
How many photos will we get and are they edited?


Scroll down to take a peak at some of my most frequently asked questions!


What’s your style?

I get asked this a lot… my style is what you see all over my website! Emotional photos that are richly edited with a storytelling feel. My approach is very fly-on-the-wall (you can’t force emotion, but you can be super observant and know how to capture it!).


Are we too awkward?

NOPE! 99.9% of my clients claim to be ‘super awkward’ and DO NOT WORRY! If you need direction, I’ll be able to see that in about 2 seconds and of course, will help you out! I know exactly how to help you be super comfy and not awkward at all.


Do we need a 2nd photographer?

Only about 20% of my clients have a 2nd photographer and there are a few scenarios where you need one! You’re having a wedding with more than 150 guests or you’re getting ready far apart. If none of these apply, you prob don’t need one! I have years of experience as a solo shooter and I’m happy to share full wedding galleries that were shot just by just one person so you can see for yourself!


Do you help with our timeline?

100%! Having a photo/video timeline is super helpful. It will cover arrival time, getting ready time, dress-on time, first look time, family formal time, ceremony, cocktail, reception formalities, etc. It will give you a quick and simple overview of the day so you can share with family/friends who are involved with the wedding and need to know where to be when!


How many photos will we get and are they edited?

You will receive approximately 80 final photos per hour of coverage. So, 8 hours of coverage = approx 640 final photos. 6 hours of coverage = approx 480 final photos. All photos are edited for color balance, exposure and contrast to compliment the editing style you see on the images on my website.


When will we get our photos?

FOUR WEEKS after your wedding! Right. Not 5-6 weeks, not 8-10 weeks. FOUR WEEKS! Having recently gotten married myself, I know the value in getting your photos sooner after your wedding, how excited you are to share them with friends and family, and how much you want to see them as well, so I created a schedule to be sure that 4 week delivery times are possible for all clients.


Are you insured? Do you have backup gear?

Absolutely! Risk is NOT my thing, so I’m all about insurance and having a full set of backup gear (2 additional camera bodies, extra lenses, an extra 2 flashes, etc.) I have extra EVERYTHING!! A quick insurance note, if your venue needs a COI, please do not hesitate to ask.


Can we give you a shot list?

I will absolutely ask you for a list of family formal combinations, so when it comes time for those they are pre-planned, organized and easy! Any Pinterest photos, toss them. They are great for inspiration, but you should have photos that are true to YOU and YOUR DAY, not photos that are ‘copies’ of someone else’s wedding! In addition, it’s really tough to capture intimate and emotional moments that are happening in real-time if we are focused on copying photos from a list. There is one catch… if you want a photo from your grandparents wedding remade, I am all over it. It’s true to you, so we have to do it!


How do payments work?

A $1500 non-refundable retainer is due along with your contract to officially reserve your date (this saves your wedding date just for you and nobody else!). Your remaining balance is due 60 days before the wedding. If you’d like to break the payments up, that’s totally doable, just ask!